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Course From Scratch is a LIVE program designed to help create & launch online courses profitably—without the tech nonsense or content overwhelm using unique methodologies and live coaching.


In Course From Scratch, you are not a Culture Fit. You are a Culture Add. You add value. You are valued.

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I thought I had to spend countless hours pre-recording and editing videos for my course… Danielle introduced me to the MVC approach, and I made over $10,000 before I created any course content. It changed everything!


Founder of Building Apps without Code

I have a TASTY magnet for photographers, so a lot of them will download that, and then basically I walk them through a couple of things. I have a few emails inviting them to a call and that’s been one way I’ve booked calls. So, I enrolled 19 students in my first MVC and made $47,646.

– Heather C.

Founder of the Booked Photographer

To date, I have 6 total signups at $497! I’m super geeked that within 6 weeks of joining #CourseFromScratch, I’ve made more than my money back and the next class will be pure profit. #receipts

– Eugene B.

CEO of E-Tre Productions & Creator of The Producers Course

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